Social Platypus -                  Data Dashboard

UI exploration on social media analytics data dashboard, and post scheduling platform.

Dashboard in light color profile:


View Past Campaign Results

Click on date selector to view past campaign results.


View Campaign Data Section

Click on pie chart to view percentage distribution of 'Reach'.

Here is a pie-chart design iteration to achieve UI final results, using After Effects.


Posts Schedule Overview

Click on each social media channel tabs to view

1. no. of posts scheduled, and

2. no. of posts published, and

3. total campaign effectiveness 


Data Dashboard Overview

User view key data set on a single page.

Data sets include:

1. Total no of campaigns schedule in per week / forthnightly / monthly.

2. Top 10 performing posts

3. No. of posts scheduled and launchedper social media channel

4. Campaign effectiveness per social media channel

5. Reach and engagement for each channel