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Izati Ngaliman is a UX/UI designer. She holds an MA in Design from Goldsmiths, University of London, and BA in Marketing from Singapore Management University. She has worked in various start-up companies which includes (launched at DEMO 2012, San Jose.) and held a stint at Google as an account strategist in the mobile publishing department (AdMob & Doubleclick). 

Having extensive experience in the web advertising landscape, she takes keen interest in how information and data is being presented. In her current practice as a designer, her daily work includes researching on how marketers interact with softwares to translate data into useful insights.

In her UI practice, she uses SketchPrincipleforMacIllustrator and After Effects as a prototyping tool. She has working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Swift (iOS) for front-end development.

You can find her tweeting at @baklavva9 and sharing design work at

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